Yes, QA testing Matters! But why?

So, what is QA testing?

Everyone makes mistakes in developing a product or working through a project. So, by having Quality Assurance you can prevent doing these mistakes and make your product with no development or delivery defects.

So that your customers get the best products at a fair price without any defect. This is an essential thing that most companies practice before a product is launched.

QA testing

The whole assurance process is part of a long cycle which is called PDCA. The stages of this cycle are: -

1) Plan

2) Do

3) Check

4) Act

These stages are done repetitively to make sure that all the processes are well assessed and evaluated. When some error occurs, you can easily reflect on the mistakes and improve them. Now’s let’s briefly understand all the stages.


Businesses should start planning at an earlier stage and build a process with clear objectives. This will help you to determine all the processes so that the product at the end is of top quality.


Next up we have the testing and developing phase of all the processes so that you can do changes as and when necessary.


In this phase we will monitor all the processes so that you can look at all the parameters and go through all the objectives before the project is set out in the market.


Now is the important part of quality assurance you need to implement all the necessary actions that will help to improve the listed problems so that the product is of top quality and have fewer problems.

Now let’s look at a few reasons to understand why QA testing matters: -

1) Time Saving

Time saving

Suppose you’re near the end of your project and one of you notices a feature missing or some part of the product not working, the success of your product will be in an enormous mess. QA testing after every stage of the product development life cycle prevents these blunders from happening. It saves time and money to solve the issue in the early stages than towards the final.

2) Cuts down the negative

Kicking Negatives

It not only helps in improving the negative but also cuts down the negative. QA always improves something already good. It may seem like extra time and effort to conduct QA testing, but if your product was good, QA testing will make it incredible.

3) Gives Confidence

If you haven’t tested your product, there will always be a sense of nervousness after the completion. QA helps to save you from this. When you know for a fact that you have done everything you could to ensure the quality of your product, you will be confident with the output.

4) Makes you curious


Quality Assurance helps you to come up with additional questions, like how can you make this decision in this phase of the project. It helps a lot in answering the questions and finding additional aspects of your product that may have been ignored before. At this point, you can’t think back and figure out why you made this decision rather you can find out how to make something better out of it.

5) Sense of Completion

All done!

It helps a great deal in improving the pride you’ve, again, don’t think I’m talking about pride, as in one of the seven deadly sins that have captivated humankind. Here we’re discussing the end of the quality assurance process, the point of time when you’re done planning and working through thousands of iterations so that every box ticks right. You’ve finally got a finished product so its quality assurance urges you to take pride in the product you’ve created.

6) Top Quality delivery

Quality that speaks or…screams!

Quality helps you keep a top standard of the work you’re doing. Let’s assume for a moment you don’t have processes for quality assurance. You might think what will be the condition of the work, it will degrade slowly until your standard will reach a new low. Having Quality Assurance checks all the problems your project may have and balances everything so that the standard of your work is always top quality.

When you start with your project, keep a high standard of the goal you want to achieve, slowly and steadily you’ll achieve it. Everyone has their way of maintaining quality at their workplace however, having a process only for quality assurance will make sure your work is of top quality at all times. What do you do to assure Quality of your product? Let us know in the comments👇.

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