Can Vue.js be the replacement for AngularJS?

Since the arrival of AngularJS in 2009, it’s been a bumpy road for its popularity. Although some developers still prefer to use this, lately focus has been going to Vue.js. Now, AngularJS may be old but can Vue.js replace it? Is it better than AngularJS? Should you use it to build or next application or just stick with good old AngularJS? Don’t know? Let’s find out-

Vue.js: Introduction

This is a framework that was built for JavaScript so that you can create and develop web applications and interfaces. However, it doesn’t only come down to web interfaces, as it’s also utilized for building applications for mobiles and desktops with the assistance of a framework called Electron framework. This framework was quite well accepted by the community as it became the preferred framework by the HTML as well as the JS base in no time.

If you think about the name of this framework it’s identical to the actual meaning of the word in English i.e. view and also follows the original “MVC” Architecture. The main library of this framework works on the view layer and also ‘view’ is the user interface of an application. However, many think it only works with MVC Architecture but that’s not true as it can be used in the CBA approach which is generally seen in React.

Key Advantages:

Minimal size

This is one of the most amazing features of this framework as it takes very little space, which is only 18KB zip size. So, it can be downloaded quickly and easily due to its small size and also has a positive impact on the user experience.

Two-way data binding

One of the few advantages that come with DOM manipulations is something that was originally AngularJS called two-way data binding. This helps in building a link between the user interface and the data updates of the model. You can keep on modifying data with help of bound components, but with two-way binding, you can not only update them but also keep track of your data.

Reusable components

The components which are present in this framework are mostly encapsulated, i.e. large snippets of code that can be used again and again as templates.

Easily readable code

As you already know that all the components of this framework are stored in different files for each so the code can be easily interpreted which helps in the long term for updation or maintenance.

AngularJS: Introduction

This structural framework is used for developing dynamic applications for the web. Another great thing about this framework is that it allows you to use your template language as HTML so that all components of the application you’re building are compact. It saves a lot on writing excessive code with the help of the dependency injection and data binding features that come with this framework. Everything you do executes within the browser so it makes it a good server technology.

Key advantages:

Two-way data binding

The AngularJS framework is quicker and simpler for data binding which does not require the inclusion of a developer. This is also called two-way data binding as the changes you make are not visible on the model side but the other side as well.

Works well with DOM manipulation

As you already have read in the previous point that AngularJS works brilliantly with a two-way data binding approach unlike other JavaScript frameworks available to us, so the developer doesn’t need to actively manipulate the Document Object Model. So as a developer you can save a lot of time and effort you put in for extra code for the updation of DOM elements.

Improved server performance

The AngularJS framework does a great job at reducing the burden from server CPUs as this framework supports caching and also different kinds of useful processes. So, the server performance will be greatly improved due to the less traffic as it’ll only respond to the API calls and work with static files.

Faster Application Prototyping

The AngularJS framework allows us to do rapid prototyping which is something that came along with this framework. So, in a very short period, you can write codes that are not very long. Developing prototypes for your project can be done very easily with proper functionality so that enough feedback is brought in for making changes before rolling out.

Comparison between Vue.js VS AngularJS



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